Specimens and objects for a tomb

I’m trying to channel the voice of my own natural universe, building forms through process as well as observation, and adding enough varieties of scale, color, texture and pattern to make this clay world convincing. Thus far, it includes seeds, pods, fruit, flowers, peels and detritus, as well as invented specimens– all things linked to cycles of life and the passage of time.

Wet clay is alive, sensual and intuitive to use, an extension of the body that reflects back to us what we are made of, as actors in a larger continuum of evolution and transformation. Then it gets fired and becomes fixed, taking on a new material reality as artifact or symbol of a previous life. And yet with this loss comes new purpose, as celebration, ritual and commemoration.

In clay, everything can exist in a constant state of becoming.

Mostly banana peels
Pine cones – small monuments
Peacock pine cone with a river running through
Pit fired pine cones
Frosted iron pine cone
Threaded copper green pine cone
Threaded banana yellow pine cone
Seeds, pods, fruit, flowers
Porcelain heart
Pit fired heart
Small porcelain worm spine
Large worm spine
Sojourner escorted

A sojourner is a traveler, a person who resides temporarily in a place. She sits upright in a pod shaped vessel with large seeds at her back, vigilant and attuned. She floats on a raft of bananas, always leaving, always arriving.  

Tomb companions
Organ Corral