and offerings for a tomb

I’m trying to channel the voice of my own natural universe, building forms through process as well as observation, and adding enough varieties of scale, color, texture and pattern to make this clay world convincing. It includes seeds, pods, fruit, cobs, peels, and various detritis, all things linked to life passing through time, as well as invented specimens.
Wet clay is alive and sensual, it reflects back to us what we imagine we are made of, as transformative potential, as actors in our universe. Then it gets fired and becomes fixed, both matter and symbol, an artefact of a previous life. And yet with this loss comes new purpose, as celebration and commemoration. The banana peel is reborn into another material life. There will always be fresh blueberries. It was always meant to be.
Fruits and seeds.
Various peels in mostly yellow.
Pod with seed game and fruiting Egyptian faience flower.
Bananas, eggplants, prickly tubers and faience covered fruit.
Porcelain heart.
Double-ended spine.
Parlement of the Birds. Terracotta.
Organ Corral. Terracotta.