Swingin’ Swabs

In light of our collective pandemic claustrophobia, I’m selling hand-made silk and cotton clarinet swabs. Each unique swab is hand-dyed and sewn by yours truly. All of the proceeds beyond shipping & sales tax will be donated to one of the organizations named below on a rotating basis. These organizations have had a huge impact on the musical culture of Philadelphia, and now more than ever, continue to support musical artists and their families through cash grants, education, and performance opportunities. I’m also adding organizations that do social justice work to the list because we need to reform the criminal justice environment of Pennsylvania.
As for swab names, I chose from the players I’ve listened and learned the most from over the years, but there are so many great players working today that you can listen and donate to. Check out these cats: Evan Christopher, Adrian Cox, Doreen Ketchens, Anat Cohen, Ken Peplowski, James Evan, Ewen Bleach, Ricky Alexander, Evan Arntzen and Jonathan Doyle.
If you want your donation to go to a particular organization from the group, let me know during the checkout process. Thank you!

Here are the organizations we are funding:

Jazz Bridge, Clef Club of Jazz, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, Decarcerate PA and CADBI, and Philadelphia Community Bail Fund