About this work

I am an artist and designer recently transplanted to the great city of Philadelphia. I have a background in sculpture and made a professional life in design, but I didn’t work with clay until I got here and then it immediately felt like home. Its plasticity, its history as a medium for story telling, commemoration and ritual, and its ability to shape-shift and disguise itself as other materials all make it ideal for recreating the taxonomies of flora and fauna and all the stray bits and pieces of my new life here. I love that clay will document my life from this point in time going forward, connecting me to streams of artefact, making and transformation, all within a robust community of potters and ceramists.

Traveling in Egypt ten years ago, I felt a deep connection to the images and objects in the ancient tombs with their lively conception of an afterlife. I want my work to convey the strange optimism and imagination of those objects, while reflecting on my own substance and place in life, nature and the cosmos. Like the Egyptians, I am hedging my bets for the future, hoping that when it comes time to make that journey, I’ll have created enough matchbooks and banana peels to negotiate safe passage. 

A bit of bio

I was born in France and grew up straddling the US and France. I studied history and writing as an undergrad at Northwestern University, then did an MFA in sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I remained for many years, making and showing art. I started working as a graphic designer when I moved to the Bay Area in the 90s, and continued in this profession, wearing many hats, including paper-engineering. World Upside Down pop-up cards and mechanical toys came out of a prolonged residency in Mexico City and were a way to combine art and design skills under one roof, while also creating a portable livelihood as I moved around a lot, living in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Boston.

Moving to Philadelphia made me want to make sculpture again and work in clay. I feel very lucky to live near the Fleisher Art Memorial and the Clay Studio where I studied with Daniel Teran and Nate Willever. I’ve been a member of both open studios and just joined the Associates program at Clay Studio.

Please think of this site as a dig. If anything, I hope you will find the work humorous.

And please get in touch if you have any questions: contact (at) worldupsidedown (dot) com